Co-founder & charity co-ordinator



Hayley is a vibrant dedicated children and youth worker, with a real heart to nurture and encourage all young people. Hayley's journey began at the age of 15, when peer mentoring became part of her role at the youth group she attended, since then Hayley has become increasingly passionate about investing in the lives of young people, with a real down to earth approach and acceptance. Hayley is an experienced worker with a particular creative ability in producing fun and energetic clubs, with a keen eye in interior design, Hayley extends her creative flow to transforming areas, rooms and buildings to become more functional, inviting with a vibrant contemporary flow, catering for the needs of the users. Hayley has vast experience in mentoring young people, having been a foster carer and part of social services for just over 10 years, she's had the opportunity to understand systems in place to protect and support young people, dealt with the complex issues that can be involved with looked after children and their birth family/history and had the privilage of working with and alongside young people that have been part of and continue to be in the care system.

Hayley has aquired many years of working within socio-economic deprived communities, to which she enjoys working with individuals and families that are in need of that extra help, specially working with those with emotional difficulties and behaviour that is challenging. Hayley has the confidence to work alone, head up teams and is very much a team player, embracing and valuing volunteers.

Proverty is an area in which Hayley feels strongly about and she has the desire to bring children out of poverty, through love and care, education and provision, Hayley believes poverty has the ability to become part of the past, through her work abroad and in the UK, Hayley helps wherever she can to bring the realisation of poverty to the forefront, encouraging the desperate issue to be addressed in order to save lives.

Hayley embraces all young people equally, supporting and guiding them when needed. Hayley spent a few years developing inner city youth provisions in the UK, in particular creating a youth cafe in a very multicultural area of the city which was also morally deprived, promoting drugs and prostitution on the streets.

Hayley has 5 years of financial experience, having worked with one of the UK's largest banks, using this knowledge enables the charity a greater understanding of value in providing services and equipment, a real asset.

Hayley spent 8 years working in the coastal town of Folkestone, which hosts large pockets of deprivation, in which she helped lead teams in providing a wide range of youth facilities, with five young children of her own and just over 20 years of experience working with young people, Hayley wants to continue to use her unique ability as a community youth worker to enable young people to engage where she lives, transform and improve communities by investing in existing provisions and provide long-term youth clubs/drop-ins, alongside detach work, supported with the knowledge that early intervention through provision can make a difference in the lives of young people. Hayley currently works as part of the councils youth offending team and is also a trained facilitator in restorative justice. Hayley is also a licensed facilitator in delivering parenting courses to parents within the community, helping through support & provision, providing encouragement & parenting tools that strengthen & build up the family unit as a whole, to enrich family life where all members benefit, because family life matters and is the foundation for young people's development, the root of their belonging.

Hayley promotes a very positive and thoughtful approach to youth work, with the focus on young people taking ownership of the clubs, encouraging and allowing them to gain a sense of belonging.

Hayley has enjoyed detach work in both rural and urban locations, working closely with those on the fringe of social exclusion, through valuing young people as individuals, Hayley aims to empower young people not only to take ownership of their own furture, but to invest in the development of their own communities.

Hayley holds experience and confidence in creating and managing youth clubs, cafe's and drop-in, with her heart felt vocation, part of her Christian faith, working with young people is deeply part of her own identity, which also played a huge part in completing a BA degree. Hayley loves using her knowledge and skills to benefit others, Hayley is qualified in providing such youth services and through using her own training course, the Generate Course, this facilitates the passing on of such knowledge and skills.

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