We would like to support you in youth work


FYP has a team of dedicated, experienced and professionally qualified youth workers willing to pass on valuable knowledge, ideas and experience to enrich other organisations/charities/groups that provide for local young people.

Would you like support to continue or push youth provision forward?

Do you run a weekly or monthly youth facility for the community or church group?

Have you become tired of doing the same activities?

Would you like a fresh perspective on your youth provision?

Has the focus been lost?

Have attendance numbers reduced overtime? Or the young people become bored or no longer engage?

Would you personally like to be supported, trained and gain further knowledge in youth work?

Do you hope for the volunteers to have more motivation and drive?

Would you like training to be provided for the whole team?

Do you need a set of new ideas?

Would the club/group benefit from a variety of workshops?

Does the group you attend or work with need a new direction, a facelift perhaps?


The above question are only a few areas in which could be improved, all youth clubs and provisions are different, the leaders, volunteers and especially the young people themselves all contribute to the dynamics of the club/group.

The main question is.........would you like things to improve, but need a little help to do it? If Yes, then FYP is the charity that can make that happen.

We are available to meet with you, discuss various areas in which you have identified as needing development, an onsite visit from one of our team members allows a greater understanding of the club/group environment, the needs and surrounding area/community in which it's placed, we together with you, will assess the provision, all will contriute to FYP putting together a plan to support you and your team, with the focus on supporting what works, developing areas that have the potential to grow and transform clubs/groups into exciting places for all young people to have fun, be accepted, gain a sense of belonging, make friends and have the freedom, support and opportunity to thrive as individuals.

What could this involve?

This may simply be a regular visit to build up and encourage, it may well involve ideas to develop and move your project forward, it may be delivering our training course. Other possibilities may be continual help and support for specific individuals, it could be assisting in finding grants/funds to develop the existing work. It may be continual attendance by a FYP member, to assist and help implement changes.


However big or small, FYP would like to help you and your youth provision to grow, we want to support other organisations in providing for local young people, sometimes we all need a little extra help.

If you would like to know more, drop us an email or give us a call.

how can we help / support you?