A special Thank You to those below, you have enabled projects to be launched & to continue,

through support, help & finance.

Thank You!

want to become a sponsor?

FYP has a sponsor scheme in place, in which individuals, other charities or organisations sign up in partnership to support the work FYP does, this could mean a one off annual gift or a monthly standing order of any amount. Partnering with FYP is a great oppoortunity to give to a great community cause, a charity that uses every penny for the development of local communities, you will receive updates of the projects, how your donation has been spent and a copy of the annual finances.


For more information please contact us.

Talking £'s

FYP runs soley on donations, sponsors, community funding and fundraising.

We sincerly appreciate any gift!

If you would like to give towards the work of FYP, our co-ordinator will be happy to help, click on link below for details 

How can you financially support us?